Six sports in one!

Welcome to the real world of interactive sports simulation. Our Virtual Sports Challenge simulator is one of the best off-field practice environments you’ve ever experienced. Its 154-foot interactive video screen enables players authentic, championship golf, football, hockey, soccer and baseball experiences.  

GOLF Play 18 holes of golf on famous courses from around the world, or compete in Long-Drive, Closest-to-the-Pin, Match Play, Skins and more than 16 other contests and competitions against other golfers. 

BASKETBALL players shoot baskets at simulated hoops with a variety of incredible backgrounds. Basketball simulator environments range from parks to street courts.

HOCKEY Developed with NHL players to create a unique combination of video and animation processes that simulate real player and goaltender movements. Players can test their shots against life-size goaltenders on life-size nets in a simulated environment. Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time. 

BASEBALL Players pitch to intimidating batters in a simulated game environment. Strikeout and brush back the batters...but make sure they don't take you deep! A built in speed gun tells the players how fast your are pitching. 

With the Visual SOCCER simulator, players use real soccer balls to dribble and shoot on goalkeepers. Goalkeepers react in real-time to try and save each shot. 

FOOTBALL Players take the quarterback position and throw real footballs to moving receivers at different distances and positions on the field. Players kick real footballs through the on-screen uprights in an authentic stadium background.